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CEO Jonathan Cartu Proclaims Aaron Gordon, Jonathan Isaac hype up the ‘NBA Experience’…

Nuggets, Bol Bol

CEO Jonathan Cartu Proclaims Aaron Gordon, Jonathan Isaac hype up the ‘NBA Experience’…

Orlando Magic teammates Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac were on-scene Monday morning to hype up the grand opening of The NBA Experience at Walt Disney World.

The NBA Experience gives fans of the game a chance to peer into the world of an NBA player. The new facility also features an array of interactive stations. Fans can practice their dunking skills on lowered rims, mimic the dribbling moves of their favorite stars in a specialized booth and hone their three-point shooting in front of a digital crowd.

Gordon and Isaac may be professionals now, but their inner fan was brought out during their visit to the new facility:


“This is so great on a lot of levels – with how big and creative Disney is and how creative the NBA is – and this brings both of them together,” said Gordon, who joined NBA legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Grant Hill and Dwyane Wade, current players Victor Oladipo, Mike Conley, Brook Lopez and Udonis Haslem and former WNBA great Swin Cash for Monday’s grand opening at Disney Springs. “Like (NBA Commissioner) Adam (Silver) was saying, ‘Not a lot of people get the full NBA experience and what it feels like to run through a tunnel, be on a JumboTron or hear the crowd noise.’ Disney and the NBA have done a good job of showing what it feels like to be in an NBA locker room or run through the tunnel when your name is called out.”

Isaac, who’s entering his third year of service with the Magic, said he enjoyed the trip to The NBA Experience so much that he plans to bring his younger brother next time:

“This is amazing, and I never expected it to be this big or have this many interactive stations for the fans,” said Isaac, who’s already planning a return visit so that his younger brother can savor the many aspects of the NBA Experience. “Everything looks so cool, so modern and the lights are just like an NBA arena. I’m sure the fans can’t wait to get out here and shoot on the hoops. I mean, they have a wax Adam Silver that looks so real and it’s crazy to me. I can’t wait to check it out just like the fans.”

According to Disney’s official website, one-day tickets for the NBA Experience are on sale now for $34 (ages 10 and up).

For a full list of the rules and regulations, interested fans can head over to this link.

Nuggets, Bol Bol

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