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CEO Jon Cartu Announces NFL Trade Deadline: Latest News and rumors for the 2020…

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CEO Jon Cartu Announces NFL Trade Deadline: Latest News and rumors for the 2020…

With the extensive health protocols currently in place, NFL trade deadline news and rumors have already been churning. Yannick Ngakoue had his ongoing feud with the Jacksonville Jaguars front office finally acquiesced by a trade to the Minnesota Vikings, only for the Vikings to trade him to the Baltimore Ravens. The Arizona Cardinals re-acquired Markus Golden (the 2015 Cardinals second-round selection) from the New York Giants after losing Chandler Jones for the season. Some organizations will be pushing their proverbial chips to the center of the table and say “all in.”

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When is the NFL trade deadline?

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020
Time: 4 PM Eastern

Teams have to decide if they are buyers or sellers in the trade market and make no mistake about the business side of the NFL; everyone has a price. This is a last-ditch effort for NFL clubs to bolster their rosters here and now, to hell with the future. If you have the window to hoist a Lombardi trophy, you entertain any and all avenues to patch any glaring weaknesses you have. In being this first year of an expanded playoff field, we may see more buyers than sellers compared to year’s past.

Be sure to monitor the news after the 4 PM ET cutoff — NFL clubs are like everyone else in that they might pull a trade at the last moments before the deadline. For any deal that was struck close to the deadline, the reporting of said transaction may be delayed by a tad and not hit cyberspace until after 4:00 PM ET on November 3.

Latest NFL Trade News and Rumors: Who are the potential trade targets that could be on new teams?

The NFL trade deadline may not get the hoopla of the NBA or MLB, but considering over 40% of the league makes the playoffs now, we could see that tide changing a bit (it’ll never be the full-scale pandemonium due to the differences in salary cap situations). In 2017 and 2018 (Amari Cooper), there was a flurry of transactions, and in 2019, players like Kenyan Drake, Jalen Ramsey, Marcus Peters, Emmanuel Sanders, and Leonard Williams were traded to new teams. Here are the NFL trade news and rumors that have been swirling.

A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green has looked pedestrian for much of the year, but name recognition alone could intrigue a team in need of a reliable boundary receiver. Green’s inflated contract could prove to be too hard to move.

Anthony Harris, Minnesota Vikings

According to Albert Breer, the Vikings are willing to deal Harris before the NFL trade deadline.

Bradley McDougald, New York Jets

The Jets are steamrolling towards the #1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and after already moving two players before this year’s trade deadline, it’s entirely possible they are not done, including their starting quarterback Sam Darnold. The team stinks and has no choice but to start acquiring assets and planning for the future. If the Jets are enamored with Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, you could see the Jets try and squeeze every drop of his value, much like the Cardinals with Josh Rosen after selecting Kyler Murray #1.

McDougald is a talented guy in the secondary who should have a market, and with the scoring bonanza going on in the NFL, you might see some front offices pull the trigger on adding talent to the back end. Also, keep an eye on Jamison Crowder – a reliable possession receiver for any team lacking WR depth.

The entire Dallas Cowboys defense?

The Cowboys were trying to move both DT Dontari Poe and CB Daryl Worley. Unfortunately, they were not able to get a deal done and decided to cut both players instead. With the trade of Everson Griffen, it looks like this Dallas team has decided to start selling assets.

David Njoku, Cleveland Browns

This may be a case of the Browns trying to salvage something before Njoku hits free agency. The first-round pick has been unable to consistently produce in Cleveland and was mentioned to have asked for a trade from the Browns organization during the Bengals/Browns Sunday broadcast. With Austin Hooper and Harrison Bryant commanding playing time, the Browns may look to unload him.

The Washington Football Team, though not trailing by much in the NFC East, made a move early in the season to bench first-round pick, Dwayne Haskins. Couple that with a new coaching staff who didn’t draft him, and you could be seeing a short-lived stint in D.C. for Haskins.

Geno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals

According to several media reports, the Bengals have turned down teams regarding pass-rushing DT Geno Atkins.

Houston Texans: Everyone except Deshaun Watson?

According to reports, the Green Bay Packers inquired about the availability of Will Fuller. According to The Athletic’s Aaron Reiss, no deal is imminent and the Texans are not willing to trade players just to trade.

Albert Breer reported on Thursday that the Texans have told teams only four players are untouchable: QB Deshaun Watson, OT Laremy Tunsil, DE JJ Watt, and OT Tytus Howard.

Jacob Hollister, Seattle Seahawks

Teams believed that Seahawks TE Jacob Hollister was available for trade because many knew Seattle was looking to add a pass-rusher and clear cap space. However, since they traded B.J. Finney for Carlos Dunlap, Hollister may be safe.

John Ross, Cincinnati Bengals

John Ross appears to be on the outside looking in when it comes to Joe Burrow’s favorite targets, but with the first-round status, they could still entertain some trade value around the league before the NFL trade deadline. On Friday, Ross confirmed that he had indeed requested a trade.

Keelan Cole, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have every appearance of entering the fire sale and trying to acquire draft capital. Gardner Minshew does have several passing targets, and the team could look to move one to a WR-needy team, including one of Minshew’s most reliable targets in Keelan Cole.

Marcus Maye, New York Jets

New York Jets safety Marcus Maye’s name has been floated about on the trade block. Maye’s been one of the best single high safeties in the NFL in 2020, and with his contract up at the end of the year, many are wondering if the Jets would be best served trading him now. However, on the NFL Draft Insiders podcast, Pro Football Network Insider Tony Pauline reported that the Jets aren’t looking to move Maye.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Let’s address the elephant in the room. An elephant is more likely to win the three-cone drill at the combine this year than Matt Ryan getting moved; it’s too fiscally irresponsible. The Falcons may acquire assets in other ways, but the chances of them coming from Ryan are monumentally low. There isn’t any news to this NFL trade scenario, just people trying to connect dots that are omitting key context. Alex Mack is more likely the player to get dealt from this struggling Falcons team.

New England Patriots:

Per Albert Breer, the Patriots may be shopping Defensive…

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